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Success Story: Alexander Dang from Gooto

Read Alexander’s story on how Netstripes’ 1-on-1 advisory gave him the confidence to battle his fear of failure.

Launched in 2017, Gooto is an online marketplace that transforms every restaurant and café table into a bookable meeting space to hold business meetings and make use of empty tables, especially outside of meal times.

Alex did not have a formal background in sales so he wanted to know the best practice to validate the service and narrow down the initial target audience. A MVP had been built and Alex wanted confirmation of his market before spending money on marketing and further product development.

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Alex met NetStripes advisor through Business Connect program. The advisor had expertise in Human Centered Design and validation of new ideas which helped Alex understand the Human Centred Design approach and created a draft validation board to test out the assumptions.

The advisor also helped him understand different customer personas for Alex’s business and laid out the ethnographic research foundation.

Alex conducted ethnographic research and with the help of NetStripes’ advisor he would be able to test his assumptions to avoid trial and error stage. Netstripes advisor gave Alex the structure to validate the business structure.

Alex is now preparing a trial with a Sydney café with introductory offers to customers and feedback surveys. Netstripes has given Alex the confidence and emotional boost to validate the business without fear of failure.

Check out the Gooto Website here.

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