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Success Story: Ben Hazlet From UDOKN

Read UDOKN Ben Hazlet’s story on how Netstripes’ 1-on-1 advisory helped him reach his business goals.

Ben Hazlet started UDOKN, a mobile app for Martial Arts Schools and students in 2017. He believed that there was a good opportunity for martial art schools and kids to connect and learn.

However with this business idea, he needed help to work out the best way to get the idea “off the ground”, as he has never built an app before and had no idea about the process.

After attending the networking event Bizruption in 2018, Ben Hazlet signed up for an advisory session. His Netstripes advisor Bhawani Singh advised him on the steps that were required to turn the idea into a reality.

The knowledge and insights gained through the initial strategy session and subsequent meetings have been instrumental on Hazlet’s journey.

“Digital Specialist advisor from NetStripes helped transform my thinking on digital engagement and digital service delivery. I had an idea like everyone but did not know where to start, what to do etc.

I met my advisor from NetStripes, he laid out a concrete plan for me with the timeline and helped me to get a government grant. I was assuming a lot of things and we were not even clear on my customer needs and the problem I was solving.

NetStripes advisor patiently listened to my problem and gave me help with optimising the solution using Empathy map, Human Centered Design and Ethnographic research to dig deeper on my customer’s problem and how can I check my core business assumptions. Advisor’s knowledge in digital marketing and understanding of my customer’s need was exactly what I needed.

As a result, we successfully tested my assumptions with ethnographic research and gained a clear understanding of the solution that my app offers. As a result, I got a Government grant to build my MVP because I was fully prepared and researched my market. “

Netstripes helped Hazlet see the full spectrum of digital marketing and how it can help him reach his business goals. The advisory session gave a clear list of actions (roadmap) to achieve his objectives using digital technology.

To check out UDOKN’s website, click here.

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