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Success Story: Connie Dimas from Connie Dimas Jewellery

Read Connie’s story on how Netstripes’ 1-on-1 advisory created immediate results for her business.

As a microbiologist, Connie Dimas grew a passion that guided her towards jewellery design and the start of her very own business, Connie Dimas Jewellery.

With locally sourced stones and Australian-recycled sterling silver and gold, Connie designs with traditional artisan techniques, hand making original and timeless jewellery in her Inner Sydney store.

Previously Connie has worked as a buyer and product manager for mass market jewellery companies. Her skills in production, manufacture, and planning have enabled her to grow her business. Once a home business now her storefront stands proudly within a retail center.

However, Connie Dimas Jewellery needed help with aspects of digital marketing. Connie was facing the same dilemma which many other small businesses face.

She was getting the traffic but was unable to secure a conversion. She wasn’t certain whether she was simply attracting the wrong traffic or perhaps she needed to change something on her website.

She had an advisory session with a NetStripes advisor and things have taken a turn for the better. Her advisor understood the business model and market quickly.

The Digital Strategy Advisory Sessions provide you with the best in digital expertise from experts in the field.

He was able to roadmap the business’ digital journey and asked her to install few tools to track website behavior (Google Analytics and Mouseflow), Advisor recommended to make small few changes such as caption, introduced a call to action button, layout of the homepage and plugins to improve the website speed and security. Advisor also showed examples of ideal and conversion friendly content.

“In addition to that The Business Connect Advisor Bhawani showed me some tools I was not aware of, retargeting. These changes lead to an immediate result of online sales and an increase in home page landings. I couldn’t believe that my business can make money online. In the last month, I have received more than 100 online orders and I am thankful to the advisor and Business Connect program” – Connie Dimas

“A must-have for every small business”

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