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Success Story: Inna Kazagrandi from Vanguard Wireless

Read Vanguard Wireless Inna Kazagrandi’s story on how Netstripes’ 1-on-1 advisory created immediate results for her business.

Vanguard Wireless is an established business run by husband (Igor Kazagrandi) and wife (Inna Kazagrandi) team. They have 8 full time employees. Inna came to the NetStripes Bootcamp to learn social media but after attending the event she realised she needed to get the digital strategy right before learning social media. Inna was keen to improve the search rankings and bounce rate on the website

Netstripes’ Digital Strategy advisor Bhawani Singh, helped Inna understand and implement an empathy map to understand her business’ target market and their needs. With the help of an empathy map, she also extracted a digital marketing strategy.

The advisor helped Inna make key changes on the website which resulted in a lower bounce rate and higher conversion.

To check out Inna and her husband Igor’s website, click here.

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