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Bizruption Celebrates Small Business Month At Sydney Startup Hub

Bizruption returned bigger and better on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at the Sydney Startup Hub, with over 150 like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders coming together to celebrate NSW Small Business Month and fuel inspiration for digital success and innovation.

Bizruption celebrated Small Business Month on 2nd October 2018 to recognise the challenges faced by small business owners in battling digital disruption and current barriers to innovation.

Raising awareness for this digital change, Bizruption has again brought over 150 small business owners, innovators and industry leaders together to meet, connect and innovate.

The attendees at Bizruption all came with the energy to learn and connect among their like minded peers and NetStripes is very thankful for all those who took the time to come, especially the professional guest speakers who flew into town to share their impelling tips on achieving business success.

Special mention to Business Connect and the NSW Department of Industry for sponsoring the event and making it possible.

We were very fortunate to have business coach, Jamie Cunningham (SalesUp! Business Coaching) be our MC for the night. His capability to host and facilitate the event was above and beyond, bringing energetic and positive vibes to the audience. 

Netstripes was also very privileged to have the passionate keynote speaker Kerrie Phipps who shared insightful tips on confidence speaking in the business industry.

Her inspirational talk on presence and kindness uplifted and touched every person in the room, with many leaving high in spirit.

We also cannot forget our panel speakers, which involved industry leaders; Anna Abagino (PR Consultant and Media Adviser), David Duffy (Business DNA), Jamie Cunningham (SalesUp! Business Coaching) and Dinesh De Silva (Netstripes), for providing an insightful discussion and sharing their best practices, challenges and personal experiences with the audience.

If you have further interests in learning more about PR and advertising, Anna Abagino will be having a webinar on the 24th October, on “10 Steps to Free Media and Effective Promotion”. Click here to book your tickets. 

Netstripes also thank our special guest Karen Goodrich (Lifestyle Curtains) for sharing her business journey on the night.

Karen spoke about her new focus on customer experience and bringing joy not only to her business, but to her customers and suppliers as well.

Speaking on her transformative experience with the Digital Bootcamp, she encourages her fellow business owners to attend the Bootcamp that has taught her the essentials for digital success.

The much anticipated Pitchfest was once again held to wrap up the evening. This gave each entrepreneur the opportunity to pitch their business idea to their respective table of eight peers.

The table’s finalists were then given 30 seconds to pitch to the rest of the audience, powering the room with their passion to thrive and innovate for success. All winners were gifted with Kerrie Phipp’s book on “Do talk to Strangers”.

Congratulations to Craig Morris for winning the social media contest, taking home 2 free tickets to the Digital Bootcamp in Blacktown.  It was great to see everyone getting onto their feet, and take photos with one another.

Make sure to #NetStripes and #Bizruption on your social media at our next Bizruption event to win cool prizes like this.

As the last Bizruption of 2018, we have definitely finished with a bang! Netstripes hope Bizruption has inspired everyone for even greater success, and connected like-minded entrepreneurs together in our small business community.

Our next Bizruption will be held in early 2019. Date is yet to be announced, but we ensure everyone that we will continue to raise the bar.

Can’t wait to show you what we have planned for everyone next year and hope to hear more about everyone’s achievements. To get notified of our event releases, sign up here.

The Netstripes Team

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