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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first a proposition by John McCarthy at the Dartmouth Conference and now, it is a household name. AI is often associated with or sometimes mistaken for advanced “Machine Learning” (ML).

There have been attempts to draw a line between the two but some perceive them alike. AI is an aim to simulate human intelligence with accurate precision in processing data, self-learning, and reasoning through the use of machines and computer systems.

This is process include data acquisition and interpretation of such data into useful information, reasoning and logic in decision-making, and self-correction – being able to semi-consciously identify own errors and rectify them.

AI, as portrayed in most movies and fiction films, appears to be so powerful and outsmart humans. This created a stigma in the actual AI robots that we have today.

A bigger fraction of people is made to believe or at least are given the impression that AI’s will wipe out or replace all aspects of manual labor and that the extinction of the human race will soon arise.

Artificial Intelligence indeed comes with great potential and world religions and creeds fear this new technological breakthrough. Some have concerns about system failures and AI robots might act violently as isn’t any law protecting humans from them (yet) and who is to be held accountable.

The emergence of AI has already begun and there is no stopping to it. World governments need to up their game and keep up with the pace in studying and understanding the behavior of Artificial Intelligence. AI is in its early stages at the moment such as Android, iOS, and whatever else.

There are many attempts to understand AI and put it in easier comprehension. The best categorization of AI, with the hope of breaking it down to understandable Logic by most people, is that first – Weak AI and second, Strong AI.

One very good example of Weak AI is the Apple Siri which is made to analyze and perform tasks that are being fed into it just like a Virtual Assistant. It doesn’t delve into the complexity of tasks very deeply. It only performs as per request.

Whereas Strong AI, on the other hand, is designed to perform higher cognitive abilities at scaled complexities. It will try to identify a problem and solve it on its own. When presented with unfamiliar tasks, it will work on coming up with solutions.

A few examples of AI Technology are Automation which is about automatic functioning without the manual input of command under changing circumstances, Machine Learning which is getting a machine or a computer operate without programming and reprogramming.

It learns by itself and acts accordingly. We also have Machine vision which enables machines to capture images or other visual information and analyze them. Then there is the NLP or Natural Language Processing which is the actual simulation of human speech and communication styles by computers.

We have Pattern Recognition which allows AI to determine patterns in a pool of data, and then Robotics – which is the engineering and designing of self-moving machines aimed to aid humans in performing tedious tasks with precise accuracy and consistency.

By all means, AI is already with us in our day-to-day lives and we are enjoying it. AI has revolutionized human life aspects such as Healthcare, Business, Education, Law, Finance, Manufacturing, and most importantly Communication. AI is beautiful at the moment but it will keep improving and breaking through technology every single minute.

The horrors that people have over the emergence of AI robots and pleasure we get from AI in gadgets and electronics are somehow contradicting. But nevertheless, we are compelled understand them and take responsibility for them and the consequences thereafter.

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