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Top Tips and Tricks for ALL Social Media Platforms (part 2)

Previously in Top Tips and Tricks for ALL Social Media Platforms (Part 1), we shared 3 tips and tricks for Facebook and Instagram. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing part 2. If your research has shown that your business will benefit from using LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest as your social media platform, then here are 3 social media tips and tricks to help your business grow and succeed!

*Note: If you haven’t read our winning social media strategy on the importance of choosing the right platforms based on your ideal customer, go read that first here: “A must-have social media strategy for 2019”.

LinkedIn – “was once a utility for jobs, now it has evolved into a content platform”

  • Official brand profile

Step numero uno, if you want to use LinkedIn for your business… create your very own company page so, not only will you attract more and more followers to your page, but you’ll also attract the right audience too!

Many businesses don’t realise the great advantages of a LinkedIn company page, and this limits their potential.

Having a LinkedIn page will allow other users to learn more about your company; benefits to your products or services, and another opportunity for them to evaluate your business.

Your brand will gain visibility to other users who may just be your next customer or employee, so hell yes! Why not!

Click here to learn how to create your very own company LinkedIn profile.

  • Always offer free value to your audience; resourceful advice

LinkedIn, as you may know, is a great platform to build a network with other industry professionals.

Every post and interaction you make must come from a place of giving and helping others. It’s the place where you can share your advice, offer your help and give freely.

So produce valuable content here: blog, videos, anything valuable and relevant that will benefit your audience. And in no time, you’ll be building a reputation in your field, industry, and business!

  • Network and connect with people in your industry, people in your community, people who may be interested in your offer

Your following should be focused on your exact target audience and industry.

Quality overrides quantity any day of the week – you want a network of followers who love and support your work, not 10,000 randoms who don’t engage with your content.

Make it a mission to connect with your followers 1 on 1. Personalise their experience, break down your digital barriers and build a strong relationship with your LinkedIn family!

TIP: To network and connect with advocates and influencers on LinkedIn, tag them in your posts and comments. This will give you greater exposure and immediate attention to your profile

Twitter – “more about listening and reacting, than pushing out content”

Jump into conversations, engage with people. Use clever Twitter engagement without costs, to create or follow a conversation.

  • Twitter Search with the right hashtags!

Did you know that #hashtag officially started on Twitter? Just like hashtags on Instagram, by using hashtags and going onto Twitter search to find specific topics,  you can engage with consumers who talk about that topic. Jump into the conversation and engage with them.

For example, you sell gumboots. Jump onto Twitter Search and search “gumboots”. Everyone who’s talking about gumboots, go and like and comment on their tweets, retweet their tweets, jump into their conversations and engage with them.

The first few will see it, and may not respond, but when you reach your 97th person, they’re gonna click onto your comment follow through to your profile and follow your account, goes through your Customer funnel and sooner or later, becomes your customer.

However, don’t overkill with the hashtags. Studies have shown that 2 hashtags per tweet perform the best on Twitter! 

  • Avoid Automation

Balancing your business and your social life is hard enough, imagine throwing your business’ social life into the mix too!

And we know, you’ve got enough responsibilities to take care of, so I’m not surprised you’re considering automation. While you may want to automate your content on Twitter – which is great btw, don’t fall into the loophole and automate EVERY TWEET.

As a business, you still want to maintain approachability and engagement with your audience – that means listening, liking, commenting, tweeting other people’s tweets.

Automating can sometimes come across as “hey you’re speaking to a chatbox. How can I help you”. Surely you don’t want your potential customers thinking of your business like that, do you….

  • When sharing posts and content, don’t forget to use a URL shortener.

Unfortunately, Twitter posts have a 280 character limit. While this may seem restricting since 280 characters can’t get you very far, it requires you to be super clear with each post.

So make sure to write tweets that are on point, on brand, easy to read and clicks well with your target audience.

When linking an important article, blog or video to your post, use a URL shortener. You can shorten links here: https://bitly.com/.

Pinterest – “Instagram’s little sister”

  • Do your research and use relevant keywords in your title and description

By doing prior research before creating and posting your content, you can understand what trending keywords and topics other Pinterest users are searching on the platform.

For example, when you put “gardening” into the Pinterest search bar, a dropdown of several other similar keywords will pop up like “gardening how-to, gardening tricks, gardening for beginners”.

These are trending terms that many users are searching on Pinterest, so make sure to base your content around topics like these.

Once you have found the trending topics and created the content, don’t forget to incorporate them into your pin’s title and description! It’s even a better idea to use text over your images so you can immediately capture your target audience’s attention.

  • Consistency is Key

Honestly, this should be no surprise. If you want to improve your engagement, then consistency is key.

The more pins you post throughout the day, the higher the engagement, which leads to more click-throughs and sales!

To be successful, aim to pin 5 to 10 times a day, and try to space them out during the day so your audience isn’t bombarded with your greatness all at once.

  • Design your quality and size specific pictures using Canva

If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, you’re not doomed. One of the best tools to create beautiful and appealing pins, that is easy and FREE to use, is Canva.

I mean of course pins matter, because the images that you create, along with the title is super imperative when it comes to attracting your target audience’s attention.

Canva is a free software that is absolutely perfect to design and create quality and size specific pins, and what’s even better is that Canva offers HEAPS of Pinterest templates (already sized to perfection) which makes it super easy, fun and inspirational when it comes to creating your own pins.  You can check them out here https://www.canva.com/.

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