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From Small Business frustration to freedom

The Company

Sterling Results Fitness Club was established by certified fitness instructor Sonia Wray.

At 50 years of age, Sonia realised that to a live healthier and happier life was an important factor to aging and subsequently left career in the tech industry in favour of becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Her clients are those who keep in line with the business’s tagline ‘Fit, Fabulous and Over 50’. Sonia’s philosophy is to appreciate the needs and challenges of the targeted clientele.

The Problem

Sonia initially started her business with a gym set-up in her garage and customised website created with a free website builder.

However, despite having a background in the tech industry, winning customers as a small business in this digital age and differentiating her business from countless others in the fitness industry proved to be difficult for her.

She started attended several networking events and used social media to advertise her business but was still not attracting the right customers to her gym.

The Solution

After 3 years with no positive results, Sonia learnt about the Business Connect Program through a Networking event and has since attended a digital bootcamps, where she learnt to view her business from a digital perspective.

After sitting through Netstripes’ Digital Advisory Session, Sonia learnt where she was going wrong with her digital advertising, and what she would have to change to turn her business around.

“While the Bootcamp helped increase my knowledge in what is required and gave me a clear process I needed to follow, it also helped me to increase my confidence significantly.” – Sonia Wray

After conducting market research and analysis, Netstripes created a slimmed down strategy for the business by narrowing down her target audience to only those that fit in with the business model, and then finding the right marketing channels to advertise on.

In the case of Sonia’s potential clients, that meant advertising on the local newspaper online. A strong online brand along with a professionally-designed website was also created with new branding that invoked Trust and credibility, working in alignment with the new strategy and brand messaging for the company “Fit, Fabulous and Over 50”

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The Results

After implementing her new strategy, launching the new website and targeting the right customer segment for her gym, not only has Sonia been able to cut-back on her expenses, but as of May 2019, she has exceeded her sales targets and tripled her revenue.

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