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Blog like an Expert, a How-to Guide for Small Business Owners

Anyone can blog but doing so effectively is a skill all of its own. In this age of ever growing technological advancement, blogging is constantly growing ever more relevant within the realm of business.

Running a successful blog doesn’t mean you have to be Perez Hilton or Lifehacker but that should not stop you from aiming high. Fortunately there are numerous quick and easy methods that can be utilised to stand out from the crowd.

Ask yourself, what do you want to blog about?

You may have a couple of ideas already. Still it’s important you take the time to consider the relevance these topics have for your business. Contemplate writing how-to and 5 tip guides pertaining to your area(s) of expertise. These articles have a tendency to rank rather well on SEO.


A blog that’s easy on the eyes will promote staying power in your followers. Be sure to include a variety of multimedia, images, videos etc. in your posts. Think of a blog as a children’s picture book, having long patches of text with no variety to mix it up will turn off most visitors. Multimedia is excellent in helping you break up the text with some colour.

Be entertaining

It may be a blog about your business but you don’t necessarily have to talk business 100% of the time. Sometimes it can be effective to remind your audience that you are human too. You don’t need to be a comedian; engagement can be achieved through a variety of means such as interesting anecdotes, photo uploads and fun facts.

Be consistent

Your faithful followers will eventually catch on to the pattern of your postings whether it’s once a week or at the end of each month. If you miss these deadlines by a large margin you risk losing valued followers. Blogging offers few holidays. Thankfully scheduling exists to help mitigate this issue. If you know in advance that you will miss the expected date of posting, you can compose the planned post sometime in advance and have it scheduled to appear on your blog automatically on the due date.

Share to Social Media

Every time you publish a post, make sure you distribute it to all your social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Including links in your text body is a nifty, quick and easy trick to improve traffic. Link certain keywords to relevant pages on your website and voila. Just don’t use any generic terms; example, if you want to see our exclusive deals Click Here. Instead try this, check out our exclusive deals. SEO likes pages with links but just make sure you don’t overuse them.

Are you ready to elevate your business to another level?

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