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3 Wise Innovative Investments to consider for the Instant Asset Write Off 2019

The recently increased instant asset tax write off that was announced on 2nd April 2019, provides the perfect opportunity for small businesses to make innovative investments in their digital future. You may be asking why not a car? Or a printer? Or a brand new office?

Considering that the future is only going to get more digital, we believe it’s quite a waste to invest on depreciable assets. From an innovative perspective, there’s no better investment than to invest on assets that will yield a great return in the future, such as digital solutions, software and much more, as long as they cost under $30,000.

Here are our 3 wisest innovative recommendations for the $30,000 instant asset write off to help you in the long run and add more value to your business.

Invest in an Innovative Idea

You may have had a great idea that you’ve had for some time, but never got around to realizing it for whatever reason. It’s not always easy to try something new and innovative when there’s no time or money to devote to it, not to mention the prospect of going at it alone can be daunting.

But, this is the perfect time to use the instant asset write off to seek professional guidance. The Innovation Suite is a trusted and proven system that is designed to help innovative entrepreneurs like yourself turn their ideas and dreams into a reality. Providing you with the right guidance for your innovative ideas, it will also help you create a digital platform to promote the new concept, with a professional and powerful strategy.

If you would like to learn more about the Innovation Suite program, make sure to book your consultation with one of our digital experts today. We’ll help you achieve the impossible.

Invest in a digital future

You heard right! With more small businesses turning toward digital innovations, now’s the time to focus on boosting how your business can implement how it uses the digital strategies and capabilities in a powerful way to build your business and brand. Most businesses struggle with this due to a lack of digital knowledge and guidance from those that know how. A clear digital strategy is essential if you want to succeed online.

Sometimes, all we need to do is ask for a little help, and the instant asset write off provides the opportunity to get professional consultation for your business, or even investing in web solutions to upgrade your current website. Netstripes has several packages that cater to varying stages of digital requirements that incorporate web designing, digital and social media strategies, and brand building.

Invest in automation

There’s no doubt that a big challenge for any business is growth. All businesses should ask themselves how they can create a seamless customer journey on their website that continually adapts to changing requirements. Just when you thought you were time poor and cash-strapped, by automating your website to meet the needs of your visitors, you will create an accelerated system that generates an overall positive experience for your customers that will only convert, convert and convert. 

Automation is simply turning all your manual work into an automated system. This can refer to setting up software and funnels that allow websites to capture leads, nurture them, and turn prospects into paying customers; or simply automating a manual process to accelerate an otherwise unnecessary amount of steps to get something done. For example, Netstripe’s has an automated registration form for its free 1-on-1 advisory session to make the sign-up process faster and more convenient for clients.

Automation can be applied to numerous things from communications to time management and emails. Your options are only limited by your thinking. Automating your website to achieve your goals will involve investing in software, but it’s an innovative investment that is justified by the returns.


It is important to consider that whether we like it or not, the future of business is a digital one and every business must invest in securing their digital future. Whatever you decide to invest in, it’s important that you make sure it helps to build and grow your business in the long run, not short term.

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