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10 ChatGPT Hacks For Your Business

ChatGPT has become incredibly popular and no doubt you have already discovered its many uses in creating invaluable content of all types. However, there’s still so much to explore when it comes to ChatGPT hacks.

In this guide, were sharing ten that we think will help you make the most of ChatGPT for your business needs.

1. Custom Instructions 

You get much better answers from ChatGPT when you set the stage for your question by giving it a little context, but having to say I am a business owner, this is what my company does every single time is time consuming.

This is where Custom Instructions can help make things easier. Custom Instructions is a feature available in all plans that can make your interactions with ChatGPT smoother.

Users can integrate their specific preferences or specifications into ChatGPT with this feature.

Once you set these preferences, ChatGPT will consider them in every response generation, saving you the trouble of repeating the information or command in each interaction.

Here’s how you do it:

Click on your profile and above ‘Settings’ you will see ‘Customise ChatGPT’ – Click on that.

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Then fill out the first box ‘Custom Instructions’. This is all about taking the opportunity to tell ChatGPT all about your business, your target audience, and your product offering.

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Really any information that you think  ChatGPT needs to know to provide the best response.

Next, the second box is setting the stage on how you want ChatGPT to act.

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For example, you can instruct it to respond as a business consultant and even specify how to format its responses, such as using bold text for different topics. Simply click on Enable and then save your preferences.

With this feature, you don’t have to set up the context whenever you ask a question. Instead, you can directly ask your query, and the ChatGPT will provide a personalised response tailored to your business needs.

2. Use a Prompt Library  

The better your prompts, the better the response. However, creating a prompt is a science that can get pretty complex, and not all of us have the time to become skilled at it.

This is where AI for Work comes in; it’s a ChatGPT prompt library for businesses. Whether you need help in sales, legal and marketing problems, this website will have you covered.

Let’s take a look at how to use it: First, open aiforwork.co on your browser.

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Then, select a department which you need guidance with.

chatgpt hacks (7)

For this example, ‘Entrepreneur’ was selected. From here, select the role you want. Let’s take a look at Founder.

chatgpt hacks (8)

Under each role, you’ll see options for prompts. Select the prompt you need help with and the site will provide you with a list to choose from.

e.g. if you select Founder as your role, and choose to create a company vision statement, you’ll see a bunch of prompts to help direct ChatGPT to do just that.

You need to log in to see the in-depth prompt options, but it’s free, so no worries. Ai can help you create an investor presentation, an annual report or a partnership agreement. All of these are super useful for business owners. 

When you find the prompt you desire, just copy it and paste it into the ChatGPT. After that, follow the steps on the ChatGPT to generate the perfect response.

Additionally, Open AI provides a prompt engineering guide on its website that is regularly updated to keep up with changes in the AI industry.

3. Communicating in a second language

If you need to communicate in a second language, ChatGPT can be extremely helpful. It can assist you in understanding colloquial language, slang, local phrases, uncommon definitions, acronyms, conjugations and other nuances.

This is particularly useful because sometimes Google Translate may not pick up on these nuances.

Instead of spending time searching the internet for the meaning of a phrase, ChatGPT can analyse the context and provide you with accurate meaning.

4. Summarise long-form content

Do you often struggle to keep up with important and lengthy reports, documents, and articles? If so, ChatGPT can help you become more productive in less time by providing you with summarised versions of any text. 

To summarise lengthy articles or videos, you can easily copy and paste the text or link into the chat, type TL;DR, and request a summary of your desired length.

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Example: I asked Chatgpt to summarise a 5 minute video into two sentences. 

ChatGPT will then provide a summary of the article or video covering the essential points, enabling you to comprehend the content quickly and efficiently.  Tip: if you want to summarise a video, add the title also for better results.

With this hack, you can read more quickly, stay on top of your reading list, and increase productivity.

5. Reverse prompts

The hack I’m about to share involves a reverse approach. Here’s how it works. Imagine you’re preparing a work presentation.

Rather than asking ChatGPT to generate a fact for you, if you already have an idea in mind, ask ChatGPT to provide evidence to support it.

This is a great way to add credibility to your work and support the original points you want to get across.

The fact is, ChatGPT knows a lot of stuff, but it’s not perfect, and sometimes it is wrong. So having the facts yourself first and leveraging ChatGPT for supportive evidence will help ensure that your information is accurate.

6. Sidebar extension 

If you frequently use ChatGPT, you may have multiple windows open, which can be anxiety-inducing, especially when you accidentally close them. Here’s a hack to help you manage them.

It is a Chrome extension called Sider. An AI sidebar that lets you pull up ChatGPT on any tab without toggling between tabs. But on top of that, it not only supports ChatGPT but all the big names like Google Gemini and Claude because the more choices you have, the more insights you have. 

So how does it work? 

chatgpt hacks (10)

You can pull it up on the side and treat it like a regular ChatGPT chat. You can even chat with images using Sider Vision by searching for information based on images you drop into the chat. 

Do note, Sider is not a free tool but their starter plan is $50 annually and supports group chatting, image search, grammar checks, and a host of other benefits.

7. Repurposing your content

Posting multiple pieces of content daily on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn every week is unrealistic when trying to run a business. But luckily, this year is the year of content repurposing. 

We’re finally starting to get smarter about how we reuse content. People are taking long videos and turning them into shorts.

Blogs have become Instagram posts and Tweets. And you know what else people are doing? They’re getting ChatGPT to help them repurpose their content.

Chat GPT can help maximise the value of your content across various channels. All you have to do is copy and paste your content into the chat and ask for ideas on how to repurpose that content for different platforms or formats.

You can also provide tips on tone of voice, language, etc. Then, let ChatGPT adjust the delivery of whatever you wrote, and boom, you’ve just saved yourself a good 20 minutes. 

I recommend reading it over and adding a human touch to make it relatable to your target audience. This will definitely save your brain’s energy, big time. 

8. Create images and artwork

Although ChatGPT’s free version does not provide image creation tools, subscribing to the premium version of ChatGPT-4 which includes DALL-E 3, lets you create vivid images and artwork.

If you want to see your ideas come to life, you can translate your descriptions or concepts into images.

For example, we gave AI the prompt “Draw a stunning Australian landscape for a holiday advertisement”.

chatgpt hacks (6)

Additionally, you can further customise your image by giving it text-based instructions, such as “Add the headline ‘Visit Australia’ embossed in the image body.”  

9. Organise your thoughts

As a business owner, being able to communicate clearly and with confidence is a must.

However, there are times when situations can get complex, emotions can get involved, and it’s not always easy to distil your jumbled thoughts into clear sentences. 

AI has the ability to help you refine your thoughts and make them concise and clear. You can simply ask ChatGPT to summarise your ideas in one clear and concise sentence by using the prompt, “Summarise this in one clear and concise sentence”.

Your three-paragraph idea just became a one-sentence message. It has one clear idea and bullet points for action items. 

10. Create icebreakers for Linkedin

If you’re taking advantage of your LinkedIn in-mail credits, you’ll want to craft the perfect icebreaker to stand out in someone’s inbox and chat. 

This is where ChatGPT comes in – with the right prompts it can turn into your own virtual networking assistant that generates personalised icebreakers, introductions, and follow-up messages based on your industry, goals, and networking preferences.

chatgpt hacks (9)

Example: The prompt ‘Create an ice breaker for a linkedin in-mail message reaching out to potential marketing clients’ was used to create this message.

Whether you’re reaching out to mentors, collaborators, or clients, ChatGPT can help you stand out in their inbox and start building valuable connections.

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